Resource Depot Exhibition

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Isaac Z

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Isaac Zambrano, Writer

The Resource Depot has done many exhibitions at their business at Florida Ave. 


One exhibition and event was the Catwalk. Many artists contributed to the Catwalk, the artists ranged from 4 to 18 and came from many different schools around West Palm and even beyond, but it was not just schools, there were also adults who were interested, some worked by themselves and some dressed their kids. 


The outfits were either worn by their makers or worn by another. The outfits were based on the many art pieces in the Norton Museum and the event also took place at the Norton Museum. 


One outfit was made by Jade Shaw and modeled by Yoshitomo Nara. The outfits featured were white knee-high fur leg warmers with white smooth shoes under, a mini-bladed jean dark blue skirt, a circle hat with white fur, and a plain white long-sleeve shirt. You can see the rest on their website.


The people who were involved in the catwalk were Iliana Beauchamp, Alicia Bickel, Jolie Copin, Olivia, Anderson-Dragon, Amelia Efraimov, Angelina Grillo, Alyssa Hedler, Tessa Janke, Victoria Miloslavich, Katelyn Morancy, McKenna Nelson, Aislinn O’Brien, Ella Rodila, Aadi Shah, Jade Shaw, and Ella Smith.