Students Should be Able to Retake Tests

A picture of a test with an F and a Test with an A

A picture of a test with an F and a Test with an A

Eva Boone, Writer

Taking tests is one of the hardest and worst parts of school, but, if students were able to retake tests, it would be less unbearable. 


It isn’t uncommon to fail at least one test each year. Usually, you don’t get a grade you’re happy with on tests. Being able to retake the test means you will probably end up with a higher score than you would have gotten originally. Retaking tests can also give students motivation to do better on their tests, and can help them get better grades.


It’s very common for students to stress about tests and getting a bad score, but if they could retake tests, it can reduce that stress. If you fail a test, it wouldn’t be a huge deal because you could just retake it and get a better score. 


There are many positive effects to retaking tests, but they’re commonly overlooked.