Fans Mad At Frank Ocean’s Coachella Performance

Elena Carter, Writer

Many people who went to Coachella are mad at Frank Ocean’s performance, Frank Ocean has finally performed after 6 years and many fans are upset. 


Fans have many, many reasons why they’re mad. Fans were looking forward for it to livestream to the people who couldn’t go, but they later found out that it would not  be livestreamed. They were also upset because the setup of the stage overall was just bad, with a “loose feeling” of the set. 


Fans wouldn’t be too mad but Frank Ocean has promised them what he did not do in that performance. Promised the fans a type of ice rink. Not to mention the 1 hour delay. Not to mention he just lip-synced and slightly danced to his songs, around 12:30 am he announced that he had to stop due to curfew. 


Overall, fans were just really upset with the outcome of the performance and many people agree. Since he hasn’t performed in 6 years I  understand why people are upset.