Morgan Wallen Feature

Morgan Wallen smiling and posing with his guitar

Morgan Wallen smiling and posing with his guitar

Katharina Jochem, Writer

Morgan Wallen is not only one of the biggest country artists worldwide but also one of the biggest pop artists. 

One Thing at a Time had the largest streaming debut on any album in 2023. With 36 songs running almost 2 hours. 

Morgan Wallen first gained attention when he was a contestant on The Voice in 2014. He was 20 years old and at the time working as a landscaper. 

Last Night has been one of the most popular songs he released. It’s been #1 on Apple Music, #2 on iTunes, and #5 on Youtube. 

Morgan Wallen won the Album of the Year CMA reward after coming back from being canceled for using a racial slur.

Although, he took a break from singing and performing to make up for his actions and better himself. Now he is millions of people’s favorite artist.

He has changed the music industry by inspiring and helping many people with his music.