Different Places to Volunteer For Eighth Graders


Many eighth graders need or are going to need volunteer hours to graduate and they don’t know where to look. There are many places to volunteer that are nearby. 


One big place to volunteer at is the “Boys And Girls Club Of Palm Beach County”. It is a place where kids that need a place to talk or socialize can go. It’s kinda like a support group for kids. Volunteers can read to kids, help with little fun activities, and more.


Then there is also “Beach Bucket”. They are an organization that helps clean up beaches. They have stations in Jupiter Community Park, Abacoa Community Park, Sawfish Bay Park, Jupiter Civic Center, and Beach Crossover #30. And the stations are basically where you can get a bucket and clean up the beach. But before you do, sign up to be a volunteer. 


And Lastly there is “Feeding America”. This a food bank to feed not just the homeless but to anyone who can’t currently get food. And the volunteer work is mostly harvesting food and preparing them. And you don’t have to go in person, you could have a fundraiser online.  


To wrap it up, there are many places to volunteer in the area. These aren’t the only places to volunteer. And do a lot of research before volunteering.