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The Student News Site of Wellington Landings Middle School

Gator Gazette

The Student News Site of Wellington Landings Middle School

Gator Gazette

The Student News Site of Wellington Landings Middle School

Gator Gazette

Picture of a school protest
Student Protests Take Over Some Campuses, but at Others, Attention is Elsewhere
Cooper T., writer

Last week, Boston College students staged a protest against the Israel-Hamas war. Bullhorns were banned to prevent disruptions for students preparing...

 Picture of Boxing gloves
Tyson v. Paul Officially Sanctioned
Mahirah I., Writer

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, two of the internet's greatest-known boxers, are set to box on July 20th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.    The...

Image of Snapchat account
AI Reported Creating “Misinformation Superspreader’
Daanya A., Writer

When you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) you probably think of speed, efficiency, and accessibility being improved. However, AI is starting...

Disney castle
60 Billion Dollar Investments in Disney Parks
Ethan K., Writer

Recently, Disney made a 60 Billion dollar investment in their theme parks and cruise ships. Two spots have been identified for expansions in...

Netflix Logo on a phone
Movies To Be Released in 2025
Bianca G., Writer

There are lots of movies to come in 2025, but here are the most anticipated picks.   Dog Man The DreamWorks animated film is based...

Picture of a palm tree on a sunny day
Three Fun Things To Do Over Summer Break
Aubrey N., Writer

Here are some fun activities to do over summer break!   Go to Disney World Disney World has 4 amazing theme parks: Magic Kingdom...

Image of a penguin
Penguins Are the Best Animal
Thomas S., Writer

There are multiple reasons that penguins are the best animals. There are also arguments why other animals are the best, but this article proves...

Different social media apps that many teens have
Social Media is Harmful to Society
Arianna M., Writer

There are many reasons why social media harms today's society.    Social media can affect the younger generation in many ways. Even...

Picture of the beach
Summer is Better Than Winter
Helene C., Writer

Imagine lying in the sand under the nice, warm sun at the beach. It sounds so much better than shivering in the cold.    Summer is...

2024 Universal trip for the 8th graders.
Highlights of the 2023-2024 School Year
Ariana J., Writer • May 23, 2024

This past school year at Wellington Landings Middle School was fulfilled with fun memories and events which made this school year fly by. Some...

Photo From the Eighth Grade Dance
Farewell Eighth Graders
Rio T., Writer • May 23, 2024

As we all know, the school year is ending. Sixth and seventh graders may see it like another year of middle school. However, for our eighth graders,...

Zebra in its natural environment
Escaped Zebra Captured Near Seattle After Wandering Around Cascade Mountains Foothills for Days
Emily G., Writer • May 20, 2024

When Seattle found four escaped zebras, local residents called animal control to handle this unexpected situation. The zebras were caught gallivanting...


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The Student News Site of Wellington Landings Middle School
The Student News Site of Wellington Landings Middle School