2018-2019 Staff

Vanessa F

Clubs and Electives

Vanessa Is in 8th grade and 14 years old and she is in journalism II which is a high school credit class. Last year Vanessa wrote in almost every gattor gazette newspaper. She was editor one time last year and it helped her learn...

Sophie S

Editor - News & Sports

Sophie Strickler is in 7th grade, and she is taking Journalism II. She is currently in High School level Journalism, and in her spare time she likes to compete and ride horses. Her first year of Journalism taught her to be creative,...

Victoria L

Entertainment & Campus Life

Victoria is an 8th grader who goes to Wellington Landings. She took Journalism last year and had to work on the newspaper. She was editor and had to write her own articles and edit her peers articles in her group. She takes Journalism...


Features - Editor

Solonia is a 12 year old journalist from Wellington Landings Middle School and she is in the 7th grade. Solonia is taking a High School credit class this school year. She chose Journalism because she is a very creative person...

Mattingly S


Mattingly Sullivan is 13 years old. She took Journalism in 7th grade and now in 8th grade. She is an editor for the Gator Gazette. This year she is getting high school credit for Journalism. She's in Journalism II. In her spare...

Mason C

Teen Life and Technology

Mason Cordell is in Journalism II this year. He was in Journalism last year as one of his electives. Last year he learned how to work in a Journalism department group. Everyone has their own ideas that they contribute to the paper,...