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Too Many Aesthetics?

Paper with multiple written aesthetics.
Credit: Annabelle C.
Paper with multiple written aesthetics.

The teenage years are when most people start trying to grasp what it means to be themselves, and a significant factor in this self-discovery process is deciding how you want to dress and appear to others. We know social media constantly creates new aesthetics in every blink of an eye. However, when is it too much?

The most popular suffixes in aesthetics are -girl and -core. Cottagecore, downtown girl, clean girl, and fairycore may be some that you’ve heard of. Where did this all begin? Before the mass popularization of aesthetics for anything and everything, “subgenres” defined you and your crowd. Usually based on music, your viewpoints on social issues, and personality, this drew your clique. It was easy to distinguish the punks from the old-money kids, but times changed.

The spike in popularity of aesthetics was seen heavily in 2020, when people were striving as much as they could for a sense of community. The flow of micro-groups from then on out was inescapable. 

It leads to a destructive environmental impact due to fast fashion companies’ pressure to pump out the latest trends that last barely a month. Take a trip to a landfill, and you’ll find the ~98 million tonnes of clothes trashed yearly. 

Help reduce waste and think before you buy something just because it’s popular right now- what would you wear it with? Do you think it would still be something that you’d wear in a year? Are you shopping because you’re bored and/or sad or because you really want to spend money?

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About the Contributor
Annabelle C.
Annabelle C., Editor
Annabelle is in 8th grade and her second year of journalism. She loves going to concerts, making all kinds of art, and collecting paraphernalia related to nature, insects, and animals. She hopes to have a great last year in middle school with her friends.

Comments (3)

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  • F

    fabrizio s.Dec 19, 2023 at 1:13 pm

    yea theres too many

  • M

    Mia Callis ZapataNov 16, 2023 at 5:24 pm

    I participate in all of them; but some are only a bit, others are more. So-so for me. Other than that, I don’t really try to “show myself to others” or “figure out my identity”, I just wanna… feel what I feel, in the media and in real life. However, one media aesthetic that I like is called “weirdcore”. Feels like in an imaginary, strange land, and I like that. What is yours?

  • J

    jeff jeffingsonNov 9, 2023 at 11:27 am

    frutiger aero thats it